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Feb. 18th, 2017

whocares1970: (Default)
Let me tell you my opinion about what is happening in this country today. Perhaps you heard about the four boxes that are the basis of our liberty. They are the soap box, the jury box, the ballot box, and the ammo box.

- The soap box (the freedom of speech, press, religion) has been largely hijacked by the left. The media is colluding and openly siding with the left (see for example the story about CNN asking the Democrats about what questions should they ask then-candidate Donald Trump, and there are many more illustrations, of course). The freedom of speech is no longer that great if you disagree with "progressives" (see the recent Berkeley events for just one example). The attitude toward religions is very biased. Nobody seems to care much about the "honor" killings or female genital mutilation, etc., but a rejection to pay for employee's birth control on religious grounds is decried as "Christian Taliban".

- The jury box (the judicial system in general) has been significantly eroded by activist judges, and we can observe the most recent example in the 9th Circuit, but there's a huge wealth of other cases.

So, what is happening now, with this all-out war the left are waging on the president, with their uncompromising intention to get him and his team out, to oppose every his move, etc.? This is nothing else but an attempt from the left to destroy the ability of the American people to resolve issues with the ballot box. If they succeed, there will be only one box left standing.

The left are driving this country right into another civil war.


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