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Sep. 7th, 2017

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Here is a link to an interesting report by the Pew Research Center (which is hardly a right-wing source). http://www.pewhispanic.org/…/ii-identity-pan-ethnicity-and…/

The report is not about DREAM/DACA specifically. It is about all first-, second-, and third(and above)-generation Hispanic/Latino people in the US (more than three-quarters of illegal aliens in the US are of Latin American origin). It also does not distinguish between legal/illegal immigrants. And so one can reasonably expect that the data for the illegal population is actually somewhat worse or at least no better than the average. Moreover, all the DACA beneficiaries and their parents are actually in the first-generation category, as those who have been born in this country are considered to be citizens by birth and are not even in need of any deportation deferral. However, children of illegals born in the US do belong to the second-generation category.

Here are some of the findings:

62% of all the first-generation US Hispanics/Latino people identify themselves by the country of origin. Only 8% self-identify as Americans. The numbers for the second generation are 43% and 35%. Thus, even American-born children of Latino immigrants are more inclined to view themselves as a part of their parents' home country than the US (again, this includes children of both illegal and legal aliens, and it is not inconceivable that the numbers for the former are actually worse). Among all the Hispanics/Latino (not just first-generation!) with at least some college, 46% self-identify primarily with the country of their Latino origin and only 33% with the US.

Among all the Hispanics, 38% speak primarily Spanish, 24% speak primarily English. Among the first-generation (which includes all the DACAers and their parents), 61% speaks primarily Spanish, 6% speak primarily English (interestingly enough, 34% of foreign-born Hispanics still consider themselves to be "typical Americans", while 58% view themselves as been very different).

What the above means is that is is WRONG to paint DACA recipients as 100% Americans who self-identify as nothing but Americans and do not even know how to speak any language except for English. Most of them identify as foreigners and are well capable of speaking the language of their country of origin. The same is true for their parents, of course.


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