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Sep. 5th, 2017

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THIS IS GREAT! It is great in itself, and also as a way to fulfill his promises.

For those of you who do not know what DACA is - Obama did all he could to make sure as many illegal aliens can come to the US and stay here as possible. He could not push legislatures of this sort through, even when both chambers of Congress had Democratic majority. And so he decided to simply not enforce the law that he could not change (which in itself was a defiance of the Constitution, of course). With DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) Obama gave legal, albeit temporary, status to those illegals who came to this county as minors.

Before some of you tell me that it was a merciful decision of Obama to let them stay - It is obviously a violation of the law. And, since Congress has never changed the law in this regard, it definitely IS in place (this fact is not required, of course, but it reinforces the illegitimacy of the Obama's selective enforcement). It is also very harmful for the country. It is a slap on the face to those who DO obey the law and come here legally. It demonstrates to everybody that it is not necessary to do things the legal way. And, coming back to the notion of mercy - this is the kind of mercy that dictates that children of a criminal should be allowed to keep a TV (or other goodies) stolen for them by their parents. Because, you know, it is cruel to take a TV away from a child, especially when they got used to it, is it not?

Also, do do tell me that Trump is "anti-immigrant." To be sure, there is no reason he (or anybody else) has to be pro-immigration. Immigration is a not an absolute value but a tool that can have certain utility for the nation, and the level of this utility goes up and down depending on the circumstances. Having said that - the difference between being anti-immigrant and anti-illegal immigrant is about the same as being anti-car ownership and anti-stolen car ownership.

And let us not forget those Republicans (including Ryan, whom I personally have disliked A LOT for a long time), who either oppose the Trump's intention to end DACA, or want to pass a legislature that would effectively reinstate it. I sincerely hope that the voters will make them pay.

The Congress had similar bills introduced since 2001, but they consistently failed. I sincerely hope there will be no national suicide this time as well, but time will twll.

Finally, I want to mention that Trump is not cancelling DACA abruptly but rather is letting it expire naturally, he is just not renewing it. If Democrats had any objectivity in their judgement, they would call this a measured approach. But they won't.

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("Free" means paid by the government, a.k.a. redistributed by the government from the taxpayers).

In brief - the US academia has become ridiculously leftist, but in some cases it goes way beyond even that. The Evergreen College is just one example. For instance, their "Day of Absence" was when white members of the community were essentially intimidated into not showing up on campus, and Professor Weinstein, a liberal, who dared to question this _method_ (while having no problem with the goal!), was bullied into a situation when even his personal safety was not assured, and the university administration did nothing. Here is what even the Huffington Post wrote (I do recommend reading the whole article):

<< The Evergreen campus has become a place where identity politics takes precedence over every other aspect of social intercourse. It has become a place where it is acceptable for colleagues to levy personal attacks on colleagues in response to differences of opinion and even in response to calls for dialogue. It has become a place where it is acceptable to shout down those with whom you disagree. And it has become a place where the administration watches from the sidelines, apparently fearful of antagonizing anyone. >>

And now that college (along with some other similar places) faces huge financial difficulties, as students (and/or their parents) do not want to pay for their/their children "education" from such a place. They have to freeze hirings and to actually lay off some faculty.

And this is great! But imagine that our education had already been "free for all." The college would continue receiving funding. And, if some elected official would try to decrease it, based on the obvious problems of Evergreen as an educational establishment, all those activist judges would not let him or her do it.

It is a terrible thing to let the government and the activists make all the choices for you.

Speaking of academia - it would be great if our federal agencies (like NIH and NSF) would stop funding programs at so obviously problematic places as Harvard and Berkeley. I suspect these universities might have looked at certain things differently. At the very least, the government should reduce their overhead rates, given the amounts of money these universities spend on shielding illegals from the law or on illegal and immoral racial preferences in personnel matters. I do hope that we live long enough to see some justice in these matters.


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