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<< Both movements face challenges ahead. The number of Conservative Jews aged 55-64 who say they are synagogue members is almost triple the number among those aged 35-44. This age imbalance is even more the case in the Reform movement. Unless we see a massive influx into the synagogue from those now ages 35-44, or incredible growth in affiliation among even younger Jews, the total number o...f congregational members in both movements will decline dramatically in the years ahead. >>

<< In the Reform movement... 80 percent of those who married between 2000 and 2013 have married non-Jews...In the Conservative movement.... the intermarriage rate between 2000-2013 was just under 40 percent >>

Personally, I am not surprised. The Conservative movement is now essentially the same as Reform (except somewhat more confused about its identity). And the Reform is true to its initial cause of destroying the tradition whenever possible. What is the positive message that would still be there to attract the young people? Social club plus left-wing political activism plus opportunity for artistic expression?

As the article suggests, the level of engagement of the Conservative Jews who still attend their shuls remains steady - but engagement in what exactly?

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    Тaнaх, Тaлмуд, всевoзмoжные кoмментaрии. Чтo-тo тoлькo нa иврите, чтo-тo и пo-aнглийски. Nice project.



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