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Oргaнизaция пo имени SPME (Scholars for Peace in the Middle East) зaпустилa тaкoй мoнитoр. Нa их сaйте я чтo-тo не вижу пoлнoгo дaйджестa, нo мoжнo пoдписaться нa рaссылку. В пoследней рaссылке, нaпример, пишут следующее:

This month, however, the most significant BDS related developments are the new regulations issued by the European Union regarding interaction with Israeli entities beyond the “Green Line.” The directive states that Israeli entities based over the “Green Line,” the putative 1967 “border” – in fact the 1949 Armistice Line – are not eligible for EU grants, prize and financial instruments. This includes Israeli educational institutions and companies but not individuals. The regulations are scheduled to go into effect at the end of 2013.

Reports from Holland and Germany initially indicated that supermarket chains had begun boycotting Israeli products in conformance with the proposed guidelines and were verifying the origins of other Israeli products. The Dutch chain later issued a confusing clarification, stating that it was not boycotting Israeli products.
Possibly more significant than these directives was the call from the EU’s foreign policy chief, Catherine Ashton, for the European Commission to develop guidelines for labeling Israeli products from commercial enterprises across the Green Line. Though the guidelines would be non-binding Ashton is expected to push hard for their adoption across EU member nations. Despite the creation of a bilateral Dutch-Israeli Cooperation Forum in June, the Dutch Economic Affairs Ministry had issued similar guidelines in March but withdrew them. Similar recommendations have also been made in Denmark and Britain.

Roger Waters of Pink Floyd, who has become a leading BDS figure, included the Star of David along with corporate, communist and fascist symbols on a pig balloon flown during a performance in Belgium. The inflatable pig has been used in Pink Floyd and Waters’ performances since the 1970s. In Waters’ performances the balloon has featured political slogans and symbols

Germany distances itself from the "controversial European Union guidelines" banning cooperation with Israeli entities beyond the Green Line, a foreign policy spokesman in the Bundestag  announced on Friday.


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