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"This isn't random or light. Somebody made a mistake. Somebody made a BIG goddamn mistake!" (Starship Troopers)

"Minority" students at Evergreen State College (Washington) decided to run a "Day of Absence" when white students and faculty would be kicked out of the campus for a day:
<< ...many wanted to see all the white students and professors vacate the college in order to create a safe space for those who remained. >>

"Safe space", for crying out loud! They call this "safe space"!

One professor (a liberal himself) was not afraid to lay out his objections. Then protests started. These so called students attacked the professor and demanded that he would resign. As far as I understand, he asked the police to come to his rescue, but the administration told the police to stand down, and so the professor was informed that he is not safe on campus anymore, and he then had to hold his classes at other locations. Think about that - the police no longer protects people from racially motivated aggression!


Unfortunately, this is not an isolated event. Particulars vary from place to place, and it does not always get violent, but the narrative of the so called "white privilege" (or sometimes the "majority privilege") has become very common lately, with students and faculty called for "training" on such things, some of those sessions being mandatory. As somebody who has spent a quarter of a century on college campuses, I can say that the atmosphere has become MUCH more divisive and oppressive lately, with these trends institutionalized and encouraged (or even lead) by college/university administrators. This is not random or light, indeed.


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